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La Casona 2.5kg bulk bag

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We started offering new profile batches since 25.Feb roast!

Tasting notes: jasmine, lime, peach (old profile:kiwi, lime, jasmine)
Coffee type: elegant, classic, Geisha-like, competition grade, full of Jasmine
Producer: Mierisch Family
Area: Comayagua, Honduras
Altitude: 1400 m.a.s.l
Variety: Geisha
Process: washed
Roasted for espresso and filter
Wholebeans(100g or 250g NET)
Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 45days. Best from 50days post roast.

New roast profile since 25.Feb

We accomplished with a new roast profile for this Geisha on 25.Feb. Not sure why which factors worked on that, maybe it's also thanks to green beans resting, we would say La Casona flavors are on their peak and it's bursting with jasmine florals!

A marvelous classic Geisha!

Thanks to their kindness, we are beyond honored to get this dreamy coffee on the list since 2021. For sure we are gonna purchase this Geisha annually! No doubt that this is one of the best coffees in the world, they won the Honduras COE #1 in 2021 with this Santa Lucia Geisha (to be exact, it was a blend of La Casona Geisha and El Triangulo Geisha in the Santa Lucia) followed by COE#2 in 2022 with their Geisha/Pacamara blend from this farm. This La Casona lot has everything what we are looking for in washed classic Geisha.

Cupping review

(NEW)With a new roast profile, La Casona delivers tons of jasmine florals from the dry(coffee grounds aroma) to 60mins on timer after pouring. La Casona is bursting and perfumed with super distinct jasmine notes with hints of lime, balanced out with bold sweetness of peach. 

(OLD)La Casona Geisha delights with kiwi and lime followed by distinct jasmine florals with hints of Chinese green tea in the finish. A delicious classic Geisha that represents the specialty coffee industry and Honduras coffee scene.

*Though we are sorting out defects after roasting and our greens have passed through mechanical/hand sorting at farm level, small stones can be found in coffee beans, it's not harmful to health as it's roasted but please sort them before grinding to avoid risk damaging your grinder just in case.