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Degassing notice

We recommend degassing this coffee for at least 35 days, up to 70. Our coffees often peak around 45 days and 60 days post-roast and are best enjoyed from then until the 90 day mark.

Our omniroast style leads to abnormally long degassing times, but just trust us, once your coffee is degassed properly, you're in for a treat.

*Please make sure not to vacuum or freeze the coffees while it's degassed enough.

Rungeto Cooperative

Kii Factory

SL28,SL34, Ruiru11 - Washed


Rungeto Cooperative and the Kii Factory are leading producers within Kenya's coffee industry, blending tradition with innovation to offer exceptional coffee while also making a positive impact on their local community. Our first purchase from Rungeto Cooperative highlights their renown for producing Kenya's finest coffees, integrating traditional farming with modern practices to consistently yield premium beans. The Kii Factory excels in processing coffees that exhibit quintessential Kenyan flavors—bright acidity, fruity notes, and floral undertones. This lot is notably juicy due to its density and hardness, with flavors evoking blood orange, sauvignon blanc, and wild acacia florals.

Our tasting notes: 

  • blood orange, Sauvignon blanc, acacia

Area: Njukini, Kirinyaga, Kenya

Altitude: 1619 masl

Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru11

Process: Washed

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