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El Guayabo Bourbon Honduras

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Notes: lychee, raspberry, papaya, orange
Producer: Jose Miguel Mancias
Area: San Juanillo
Altitude: 1750m.a.s.l
Variety: Bourbon
Process: washed
Roasted for espresso and filter
Whole beans(100g NET)

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 20days. Best from 30days to 40days post roast.

*sometimes small stones are found in both roasted/green coffee beans, it's not harmful to health but please sort them before grinding to avoid risk damaging your grinder.

A Delicious Bourbon Variety!

We are so excited to release our favorite cultivar, Bourbon! This lot is definitely one of the best Bourbon varietal lot we've ever tried. Unlike a great Geisha, this great Bourbon is full of delicious fruity flavors with bright yet soft acidity and silky yet rich body, and not floral forward. 

Our Tasting

A plethora of bright fruits tones, expect bright lychee followed by vibrant raspberry flavors that will leads the way into a yellow fruits vibes of orange and papaya in the finish.