Apollon’s Gold Specialty Coffee

(SOLD OUT)Promotion: Explore The Rest of the World” only available to limited countries

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13. Aug 2021 was Apollon's Gold 4th anniversary, we've ambitiously extended the business areas world wide and fortunately have shipped proudly roasted coffees to around 35 nations and areas for our amazing customers.

But still this brand is in its infancy, also true that we haven't shipped to the rest of the world.

We'd like to get our coffees reach to the potential customers and clients in the rest of the world with this incredibly reasonable flight with amazing selection as fun project.

Whole beans(100g per each) and free FedEx shipping world wide(shipping day will be 27.Aug JST).

NOTICE: this flight is available only to those countries we haven’t received orders from, such as Nordic countries, some main land Europe countries(ex. Belgium, Rumania, Austria...etc), Scotland and North Ireland, Latin American countries and North African countries, South Africa and Israel. 

This flight is NOT available to those countries below

Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, UK(not including Scotland and North Ireland), France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Neither Lands, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Australia and New Zealand.

Disclaimer: we can't ship to some countries suffering war, conflict or coffee import is not permitted by the local government. When it's turned out to be unavailable, we'll refund you.



Los Cenizos Geisha Anaerobic Slow Dry natural

A special process coffee from Cerro Punta region, a 1900masl highland in Chiriqui.The flavors of this process are perfectly mixed with its bright and vibrant character from the terroir.

Savage Coffees "Parabolic"

Expect distinct notes of lavender, juicy pineapple and lemon zest in the finish. Like "Symbiosis" we offered in the January 2021, this coffee performs best at room temperature with relatively long degassing(over 30days with the bag unopened).

Savage Coffees "Iridescence"

Bursting with sweet fruits flavors, Iridescence delights with delicious peach accompanied by bright guava tone and hint of jasmine florals, followed by crisp bergamot aftertaste.

Tamiru Tadesse Tesema Ethiopia(the rest of COE5th winning coffee/same lot)

We are fortunately get this amazing coffee that won 5th place in COE2021 without auction. This is totally same coffee from the COE winning lot but just the rest of submission due to its quantity limit. Amongst those insane coffees, this coffee was definitely the best coffee flavor wise. This coffee is perfumed with amazingly distinct honeydew notes accompanied by vibrant notes of white peach and guava.

La Cumbre Geisha El Salvador

We are showcasing the 2021 season crop from our long term favorite farm/the best renowned producer in El Salvador. This Geisha is improving year by year with passion of amazing Emilio Lopez Dias. 

Sitio Triunfo Brazil COE#10

Though we love fruity/floral coffees basically, sometimes craving for an extremely fine classic Brazil; especially we love a natural Yellow Catuai from Minas Gerais the best. This lot is one of the best Brazilian Yellow Catuai natural that won the 10th place in COE2021.

Wahana Longberry Indonesia

We’d love to introduce WASHED process Arabica coffee to share you the pure terroir with “Long Berry” cultivar that suits the land perfectly. This coffee is actually very floral and full of sweet melon with hints of citrus, accompanied by unique milk candy sweetness and some spicy exotic vibes.

Santo Antonio Brazil

Araponga has become known as one of the best coffee producing areas with its fruity flavors. We are so happy to offer Santo Antonio that also won the 9th place the in COE2019. Though Yellow Catuai cultivar is basically not treated as rare/precious coffees, we really love Brazilian Yellow Catuai and the best favorite Brazilian coffees of each year is almost always this cultivar such as Sitio Da Torre COE#6 2018.

Los Tucanes Typica

Before Geisha became popular, Typica gad been treated as the most precious coffee cultivar. Though it’s hard to find a great Typica with its vibrant flowery flavors, Picincha region have produced the best Typicas recently with bursting notes of flowers and citrus. As we've regarded Typica as the most important cultivar in the line up and have strived to source the best Typica annually, this coffee is must buy for our regular customers. Typica always makes us passionate.

Gatomboya Kenya

We are showcasing the best Kenyan coffee we've sourced! Since Kenyan coffee is so popular that everyone offers, adding Kenyan washed coffee to the flight must be the best idea to represent our philosophy and roasting style.