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(LAST BATCH)Ezzi Al Abarat “Yemenia” Yemen

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Tasting notes: Boudreaux, grapefruit, musk
Producer: Ezzi Al Abarat
Area: Abarat, West Haraz 
Altitude: 2103 m.a.s.l
Variety: Ja’adi, Dawairi(Ancient Typica/Yemenia)
Process: natural(sun dried, African bed)
Roasted for espresso and filter
Whole beans(100g NET)

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 20days. Best from 30days to 40days post roast.

*sometimes small stones are found in both roasted/green coffee beans, it's not harmful to health but please sort them before grinding to avoid risk damaging your grinder.

New Experience

We are thrilled to offer this Ezzi to our customers. We had a totally new experience with this Yemeni coffee. Ezzi literally tasted like a Bordeaux red wine! It was not a "winey" coffee which is full of fermentation, Ezzi delights with wine acidity, rich body and a certain structure. Thanks to their careful packaging and transportation, all those flavors are preserved untainted.

The Cultivar: Ja'adi and Dawairi

While both Ja’adi and Dawairi are categorized as “Yemenia” variety, local coffee producers do distinguish them in each cultivar and proudly call them with the traditional names.

Abarat Village

Abarat village is a tiny village with 35 families located in a high land of West Haraz that known for one of the longest history as a coffee producing region  and delicious fruits such as Guava, grape and citrus.

Tasting Comment

This very complex coffee taste like a Bordeaux red wine with acidity of black grape and  complex notes including grapefruit and musk which we see as the iconic flavors of the terroir. This year we are having the best Yemeni coffee experience with Abarat and Ezzi !