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Daterra Masterpiece “Acaua Aerobic Natural”

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Tasting notes: orange, jasmine, plum, oolong tea

Coffee type: sweet, balanced, Geisha like, floral, yellow fruits vibes
Producer: Daterra
Area: Carmo de Minas
Altitude: 1150 m.a.s.l
Cultivar: Acaua
Process: aerobic natural
Roasted for espresso and filter
Whole beans(100g NET)

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 20days. Best from 20days to 40days post roast.

Recommend Brew Temperature: 93 for a starting point.

Acaua Cutivar

Acaua is a crossing between the varietals Mundo Novo and Sarchimor. Besides being a vigorous and productive tree, this varietal usually makes coffees with distinctive yellow fruit tastes. This is Acaua’s sixth generation in Daterra (and each generation takes almost three years to produce). 

This Acaua Aerobic Natural gives a bold jasmine notes along side underlying orange throughout that lead the way to cultivar's iconic plum flavors and oolong tea notes in the finish. Recommended for authentic Panamanian Geisha lovers for its intense florals and yellow fruits tones.