The "EXPLORE" Campaign and Late Anniversary Promo Code

Hi everyone! How was the anniversary coffees from us? You know what, we are launching very unique fun project today. As we offered very limited yet reasonable flight to strictly limited countries on our anniversary, we are still willing to explore those areas where we haven't had any orders or very few. 

Long story short, this is our ORIGINAL anniversary campaign delayed almost one month with some reasons(not bad reasons actually. can't wait to announce some great news but still secret). We are offering "regional" explore promo codes and along with that we would like to offer the 4th anniversary promo code to our precious customers to as our appreciation to you guys’ support.

Details below!

  • Explore promo code: apply your country name (shipping address. not your nationality) in capital letters as the promo code(such as NORWAY, UK, USA, CHINA, SOUTHKOREA, NETHER LANDS for example), special discount for each country will be applied. 

*available till 23:59 31.Dec JST.
*TO LATIN AMERICA (Mexico excluded) and TO AFRICA the promo code will be “AFRICA” or “LATINAMERICA” instead of your country’s name. 

The total amount and degree of discount may vary from countries. They depend on our "order situation" in the country: the less orders we receive or never, the more discount will be applied(more amount of available coupons as well) and vice versa. Please understand that there are large number of countries in the world so some countries are missing there and we are still working on it(imagine literally adding one by one lol). Sorry if your country's promo code is not ready yet. 

4THANNIV: If you have ordered from us, apply "4THANNIV" promocode! Some discount will be applied as our appreciation.*available till 20th. Oct JST. Not available for Janson Geisha.

*Only once per each customer.

*The country of your shipping address should be same as the promo code. Otherwise we will cancel your order.

*Actually, considering the purpose of this campaign and that we are almost under the pump, very few numbers are available to those countries where we have so many customers and/or have wholesale partners(such as USA, UK, China, HK...etc). Don't get disappointed! If you ever ordered from us you can use "4THANNIV" promocode!