Ixhuatlan Barrel Modulation by Santuario Project: Limited Coffee for the Black Friday Geisha Flight

An experimental lot by the Santuario Project which is organized by Camiro Merizalde. Only Bourbon and Typica(Typica Criollo) cultivars grown by 3 different farms in Ixhuatlan region are selected for this lot. In the middle of drying phase, this lot is rested in wet Bourbon barrels to give whisky seasoned moisture to the green beans. 

The Santuario Project Processing Center



Ixhuatlan delights with bright fruits tones of white grape and hints of citrus notes which we regard as terroir. As it cools, you’ll see some flavors from the bourbon barrel that give us subtle notes of vanilla and cherry with some positive woody notes that reminds us of barrel aged white wine.

Barrel modulation process


Either cone shape or flat bottom brewer will do for this coffee. We recommend let it degas at least 14days since the gas interferes a not with its barrel flavors. We carefully roasted this very lightly to preserve the flavor from the barrel process.