Gesha Village OMA block feat. Santuario Project

Insane Aroma!

At the cupping table, this lot from the renowned Gesha Village farm was mainly a clean, authentic Geisha with full of jasmine and citrus, that reminds us of a good washed Geisha from Papama.

Unlike our cupping assessment, the pour over after 40days of degassing was a phenomenal one with incredibly strong aroma.

Brewing Data Below

Roast date: 30.Sep

Brewing date: 11.Nov(*10mins pre-degassing in the chamber of each hand grinder)

With Comandante Mk3(25clicks)

Pour time: 3:05mins

Total brewing time: 3:25 mins

TDS: 1.38

This brew delights with a very sweet floral aroma with hints of rambutan. Green grape, jasmine floras and peach sweetness were delivered.


Time more C3 15 click

Pour time 3'15

Total brewing time: 3'40

TDS  start 1.29 end 1.32

More intense grape notes in the beginning, bit less Jasmine, still a lot peach sweetness

EK43 10.7O’clock 

Pour time: 3'20

Total brewing time: 3'55

TDS start 1.30 end 1.44

Lots of green grapes, hints of Jasmine, peach sweetness

On our Aeropress recipe 

Total Brewing Time: 2:40mins

TDS: 1.6

Unlike pour overs, natural process flavors are pronounced in a good way.