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International Coffee Day!

International coffee day is coming! We are offering automatic 10% discount(applied for orders with 4 coffee bags or over) to celebrate the day together(started from 14:00. 30.SEP to 23:59 2.OCT JST).

Free shipping for 1-2.5kg coffee
Comandante C40(Mk3) settings on Aeropress!

Comandante C40(Mk3) settings on Aeropress!

Hi guys,

Following so many requests from our lovely customers, we finally worked on Aeropress recipe with Comandante C40 grinder(Mk3).

This time we used our favorite coffee, Karindundu for our brewing experiment, following our regular Aeropress recipe.

For click settings, we recommend 20 clicks on Comandante for Karindundu or most of our coffees or 1-2 notch finer than your pour over settings. 


Karindundu roasted on 30.Oct.

TDS: 1.55

Click setting: 20 on Comandante C40

Taste: full bodied, bright

Notes: passion fruit, rose hip and tea.


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