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International Coffee Day!

International coffee day is coming! We are offering automatic 10% discount(applied for orders with 4 coffee bags or over) to celebrate the day together(started from 14:00. 30.SEP to 23:59 2.OCT JST).

Free shipping for 1-2.5kg coffee
Beloya Anaerobic Ethiopia (only available from wholesale partners)

Beloya Anaerobic Ethiopia (only available from wholesale partners)

We are so excited to introduce the first wholesale exclusive coffee in 2021. It's "168hours-anaerobic-natural" lot from Beloya washing station in Yirgacheffe! Bursting with vibrant fruits tones, Beloya is quite complex yet exciting anaerobic natural process coffee.


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Beloya, Kochere, Gedeo
Producer: tracon trading PLC
Variety: heirloom
Process: anaerobic natural
Altitude: 1700-1720masl 

The “anaerobic” process
This lot is fermented with 168 hours(one week) of fermentation under “anaerobic” condition. To be exact, the cherries are tightly packed in grain pro bags and sealed shut. The very long fermentation and their careful quality control are dedicated to its vibrant flavors and clean cup.

Tasting notes
Concord grape/lemon/cantaloupe/violet 

Beloya is full of concord grape accompanied by violet florals and cantaloupe sweetness. Hints of lemon throughout. 

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